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New Hope Crushed Stone


In accord with the January 29, 2016, letter to NHCS by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) providing requirements to complete reclamation of the quarry by March 2019, DEP staff continues to conduct inspections and adherence to this timetable. As part of this process, NHCS will be conducting aerial surveys of the quarry to be able to show progress in reclaiming the areas of the rim of the quarry which they are responsible for (all but the southern end). These will be done the end of September and December 2018 and followed by status reports posted to this page after about six weeks.

One of the components of the final reclamation phase includes blasting along the east wall of the quarry beginning sometime this fall. DEP will provide information to Solebury Township, Solebury School, the Primrose Creek Watershed Association, and this web page on the specific timing on when this will begin. As with all blasting, DEP will be monitoring for compliance.

Another condition of winding down the operation of the quarry is the restoration of Primrose Creek. Progress to date can be seen in the posted status reports. With the wet weather that has occurred this year, work on the creek has been delayed. The next project status report to coincide with the results of the end of September quarry aerial survey will include details on the work required to complete the stream restoration and the degree to which they are finished. This includes the inlet structure, placement of stone in the stream bed, and the installation of cribbing and vegetation along the banks. Future updates will include completion of the outlet structure.

After March 2019, DEP will continue to inspect and monitor the quarry to insure the reclamation is stable in terms of possible erosion issues and vegetation taking hold for a five year period.

The DEP will continue to be involved with the Solebury Communications Group through completion of all reclamation and stream restoration work. This group consists of representatives from Solebury Township, Solebury School, and the Primrose Creek Watershed Association, has been meeting with staff from DEP since March 2016 to discuss the status of the quarry and address questions and concerns. Meetings will continue through March 2019.


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April 15, 2106 Temporary Supersedeas 500,000 GPD Limit (PDF)
April 15, 2106 Temporary Supersedeas 500,000 GPD Limit (PDF)
July 18, 2018, Commonwealth Court Affirming September 7, 2017, EHB Order Re NHCS (PDF)
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