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Hoff VC

Site Facts

Municipality/County: New Hanover Township, Montgomery
HSCA Site Since: 2011
Primary Contaminants of Concern: chlorinated solvents, oil and gasoline components, pesticides, and PAHs

Updated November 2020

Why is DEP Investigating

  • In July 2011 DEP learned of residential contamination from the Montgomery County Health Department.
  • Volatile Organic Compounds, Semivolaltile Organic Compounds, and 1,4-Dioxane have been detected in groundwater and surface water at the Site.

Private Drinking Water Investigation and DEP’s Response

  • Between 2011 & 2013, DEP sampled over 40 nearby homes, business, and schools.
  • Sampling by DEP identified nine residential properties with private wells that had contaminants exceeding DEP’s standards.
  • In 2012, DEP held a public meeting to discuss the installation of public waterline to the affected residents. On March 1, 2013 DEP issued a Statement Of Decision for the Site, selecting the extension of a public waterline as the remedy for contaminated potable water at the site. The cost of the construction of the waterline extension was funded by DEP through a grant to New Hanover Township.
  • In 2014, 27 total properties, including the nine residential properties with exceedances, were connected to the extended waterline.

Source Investigation and DEP’s Response

Reports prepared by others

Contacting DEP

Please direct correspondence or inquiries to one of the following:

  • Site Information: Colin Wade, Site Project Officer, at 484-250-5722 or
  • Community and Media Relations: Virginia Nurk, Community Relations Coordinator at 484-250-5808 or
  • Legislative Inquiries: Rob Fogel, Local Government Liaison, at 484-250-5817 or

To schedule an appointment to review files associated with this Site and project, please call the Norristown Office at 484-250-5910.

Municipality Information

New Hanover Twp: Phone: (610) 323-1008,