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Air Quality Reports

Air Emissions Program Facilities

A report listing DEP Air Quality facilities included in the annual point-source emissions inventory program. Information on this report includes client, facility, NAICS, location, and latitude/longitude.

Air Permit Search for Title V and State Only Operating Permits

A permit search utility of Air Quality facilities.

Air Emissions Reports

Each report listed above functions in different ways. The 10 year report focuses on source levels where the 25 year report is used for reviewing longer term trends. Each report is limited in their time frame to help reduce the report size and ensure a more efficient user experience.

Data reported more than 25 years ago can be accessed through the Commonwealth Open Data Portal.

These reports will be updated with the previous year’s data on the 1st of October.

Self-reported emissions data consisting of information submitted to the Department by sources subject to reporting under 25 Pa. Code § 135.3. DEP staff are constantly reviewing the data for accuracy and consistency, and the information is subject to change. DEP expressly disclaims any liability for errors or omissions related to the data and any representation or warranty that might be otherwise implied is expressly disclaimed. Allegheny County Point Source Emission Inventories for calendar year 2021 and after can be located at ACHD Air Quality - Public Submittal Records (

Note on Significant Figures in the Air Emission Report - Due to limitations on the reporting system and the reporting limits on certain pollutants (Lead, Mercury, PCB’s, Dioxins and Furans), the Air Emission Report goes out to the 5th Decimal Place, but only the mentioned pollutants are precise out to that figure. All other reported pollutants are being rounded to the 2nd Decimal Place but displayed out to 5.

NESHAP Demolition and Asbestos Notifications

A search utility providing access by date, name, county, municipality and address for all notifications received by DEP since March 9, 2018. If you wish to search for a particular address please select the County and Municipality from the dropdown lists before examining the Address drop-down list.