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Drinking Water Electronic Lab Reporting Systems

DWELR & WebOAS Registration Form and General Information

DWELR & WebOAS Registration Form (3800-FM-BSDW0021  Rev 11/2021)

The Drinking Water Electronic Lab Reporting (DWELR) web application

DWELR enables the secure submittal of drinking water sample data over the Internet. The data can be submitted via uploading formatted files or entered using screen entry forms. The submitted data is checked and DWELR returns an error report that can be corrected immediately or recalled later for correction (prior to midnight on the 10th of the month). A submitting entity is allowed to edit and view only the data that it submitted. Water systems can register for access to view data submitted for their system by submitting entities. On the 10th of each month as required by Chapter 109 of Title 25 of the Pennsylvania Code, all data is cleared from DWELR and passed to the Pennsylvania Drinking Water Information System (PADWIS) for monthly compliance processing. Detailed instructions are contained in the DWELR web application including the data formats required for upload.

Features in DWELR for Ensuring Data Accuracy Video Tutorial


The Web Optimization Assessment Software (WebOAS) application

WebOAS allows the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to receive monthly turbidity data from raw water, sedimentation basin effluent, and combined filter effluent samples taken at surface water treatment plants. DEP can use this data to prioritize state assistance efforts. WebOAS is not a substitute for submitting compliance monitoring data as required by Safe Drinking Water Regulations. Compliance monitoring data must be submitted using DWELR.

Accessing DWELR and WebOAS

Potential users must establish a DEPGreenPort user profile in order to access DWELR or WebOAS. You may already be using DEPGreenPort if, for example, you use the Internet to submit information under Act 220 or another DEP Program. If so, you may continue to use the same username and password to access DWELR and WebOAS.

If you do not have a DEPGreenPort user profile, please go to the GreenPort webpage. On this page there is a button, "Click here to self-register", which allows you to create your DEPGreenPort user profile. After you have created your user profile, you may submit a DWELR & WebOAS Registration Form to DEP. This form requires you to identify your DEPGreenPort username. Note that individuals are not permitted to submit information via DWELR using a DEPGreenPort account created for another person.

Important: Any facility performing testing or analysis in order to comply with a permit or regulation administered by PA DEP is required to register with DEP's Bureau DEP's Bureau of Laboratories (BOL)This includes testing for residual disinfectant concentration and pH in drinking water. A DEP laboratory identification number (Lab ID) is required to submit sample results using DWELR. To register with BOL, submit a completed Environmental Laboratory Registration Application per the instructions included with the registration application. For assistance in completing the laboratory registration application, contact BOL via email at or by phone at 717.346.7200.


  • A Lab ID is not required to access WebOAS.
  • A Lab ID is not required for individuals requesting view only access to see sample results submitted for their water system by a submitting entity.
  • To request DWELR or WebOAS access, complete a DWELR & WebOAS Registration Form and return it to the address or fax number on the form.
  • The browser recommended for use with DWELR and WebOAS is Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and above.
  • For questions regarding DWELR and WebOAS registration or the use of DWELR, contact the PADWIS Section at 717.772.4018.
  • For questions regarding the use of WebOAS, contact the Technical Assistance Sections at 717.783.9764.

Data Correction Request

To make a correction to data that has already moved out of the DWELR application (data moves out of DWELR at midnight on the 10th of each month), you will need to make a physical request to the department and include all supporting information. The job aid at the link below includes:

  • Practices that will reduce the need to make corrections.
  • Practices that will expedite the processing and completion of corrections.
    • How to submit correction request (form and method).
    • What supporting documentation to include with the correction request.
    • Job Aid (PDF)

DWELR User Guide (7/2011)

DWELR Quick Start Guide (PDF) This is an abbreviated guide that provides an overview of how to enter and view data utilizing DWELR. vides an overview of how to enter and view data utilizing DWELR.

DWELR User Guide (PDF) 4.2 MB in size.

Groundwater Rule Chlorine Reporting Instructions (PDF) Assistance for systems that have demonstrated 4-log disinfection. 

Reporting Startup Total Coliform Samples in accordance with the RTCR (PDF)