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Existing and Readily Available Data

The Bureau of Clean Water’s Water Quality Division is seeking data for consideration in the 2024 303(d) assessment process. Data will be accepted through June 30, 2023. 

Section 303(d) of the federal Clean Water Act requires Pennsylvania to identify all its water quality limited water bodies. These water bodies appear on Category 5 in DEP’s Integrated Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Report. As part of this ongoing effort, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) utilizes available outside sources of data and information. If you believe that your organization/agency has data or information that could be utilized by DEP in the 303(d) listing process, we encourage you to submit it. Please carefully read through the information in the ‘Existing and Readily Available Data’ document. For data or information to be considered, a completed copy of the Data Submission Form must be submitted. Information and data submitted to DEP by close of business on the last day of the deadline listed above will be considered for inclusion in the upcoming 303(d) List. Data submitted after the deadline will be considered for the next Integrated Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Report. Please feel free to distribute this information to all interested groups, agencies, and partners. 

View the Data Submission Instructions and Form: