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Integrated Water Quality Report – 2020

The 2020 Integrated Report continues the new digital and fully interactive format created in 2018. This offers the ability to convey tremendous amounts of information in a way that is much easier to understand. As a supplement to the Integrated Report, DEP has also created the 2020 Integrated Report Viewer, which provides enhanced search capabilities and export functions. The combination of these two tools should greatly facilitate the public’s access to water quality assessment information and better inform the public on the steps DEP takes every day to protect Pennsylvania’s waters.

Integrated Report

Screenshot of the Integrated Report

Integrated Report Mapping Application

Using the New Integrated Report Format

DEP has created two video tutorials of the Integrated Report and mapping application. These videos are designed to show users how to access the many features these digital formats have to offer.


2020 Report Demo

2020 Viewer Demo

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