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Integrated Water Quality Report - 2016

2016 Pennsylvania Integrated Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Report

Using the Lists

The lists are long so they can be difficult to use. As a result, the use of the Integrated Report Viewer is recommended. If you require additional water resource data and information the use of WAVE (WAVE must be viewed utilizing Microsoft Internet Explorer) on the department's website is recommended. The site provides the user with an interactive map making it easier to find waterbodies and geographic areas of interest. A link to WAVE and a tutorial are located at the bottom after the table. In addition, the data layers used to create the Integrated Report can be downloaded from the PASDA website. The streams are available as geodatabases with the attaining streams in the Integrated List Attaining data set and the impaired streams in the Integrated List Nonattaining data set.

To find records in the lists, use the Adobe Acrobat "find" function. For example, search on a stream name. However, some common stream names such as Pine Creek may appear many times so again WAVE is recommended in such cases. The best way to find a specific entry on the lists is to first locate the waterbody on WAVE and note the assessment-ID in the data table window. Type this assessment-ID into the appropriate list's Adobe Acrobat "find" command and it will jump to the record of interest.

View the report and lists

When commenting to the department on a record, please include the assessment-ID as this uniquely identifies the data record.

For questions or general assistance with the Integrated Report please contact the Division of Water Quality Standards at 717-787-9637 or send email to