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Permits and Applications

Published Forms

  • Chapter 102 Forms – this folder contains the Co-Permittee Liability Release Form, Co-Permittee Acknowledgement Form for Chapter 102 Permits, Chapter 102 County Notification Form, Chapter 102 Municipal Notification Form, Chapter 102 Visual Site Inspection Report, Chapter 102 Pre-Application Meeting Request Form, and the MS4/CSS Notification Form.
  • Notice of Termination Form

Draft Forms

The following forms are referenced within the draft PAG-02 General Permit and its accompanying documents. These forms are draft and are open for review and comment, but should not be used for a Chapter 102 permit application or NOI at this time. There is also a draft spreadsheet that is open for review and comment. DEP anticipates finalizing the draft forms at the time the PAG-02 General Permit is published as final. Interested parties may submit comments to DEP’s Bureau of Clean Water at


Chapter 102 Pilot Program

Alternative BMPs


DEP PCSM Spreadsheet

  • DEP PCSM Spreadsheet (XLSB) (Version 1.9, October 2021) – This spreadsheet developed by DEP is intended to assist with stormwater analyses required by Chapter 102 for PCSM Plans. The spreadsheet is a macro-enabled Excel binary file. DEP PCSM Spreadsheet Instructions (PDF) and training for the spreadsheet are available to assist users. Updated 9/13/2023.  Note – It is recommended that users check this site periodically for the latest updates to the spreadsheet.  Updates are made as calculation or functional errors are identified and corrected.  A new version number will be provided only when changes or enhancements are made to the spreadsheet, not when errors are corrected.


DEP has developed a number of Chapter 102 training courses that are available to the public.  These courses are located in DEP's Clean Water Academy (CWA).  If you would like a record of completion for these courses with your name on it, you must obtain a CWA account.  Otherwise you may access certain courses as a guest.  To obtain an account visit the CWA Contact page and click on the “REQUEST NEW ACCOUNT" link.  Complete and submit the form to request an account.  You will be notified when your account has been created (typically between 1 and 3 business days).  

Other Resources