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** Announcement **

The PAG-02 General Permit will expire on December 7, 2024. DEP expects that Notices of Intent (NOIs) to remain covered under the reissued PAG-02 General Permit will be required, and those NOIs will be due to the DEP or county conservation district office that approved original coverage by December 7, 2024. DEP expects to provide a streamlined renewal NOI form for this purpose. This form will not be available until PAG-02 is reissued (the current estimate is Fall 2024). Permittees that do not have Notice of Termination (NOT) approval by December 7, 2024 will need to submit a renewal NOI. However, DEP and county conservation districts cannot accept renewal NOIs for PAG-02 until DEP publishes the final reissued PAG-02 General Permit.

A draft of the PAG-02 General Permit that would become effective on December 8, 2024 has been posted to DEP’s eLibrary and announced in the Pennsylvania Bulletin. Comments may be submitted through DEP’s eComment System. The public comment period will end on April 8, 2024.

The Bureau of Clean Water administers the statewide Erosion and Sediment Control (E&S) program under 25 Pa. Code Chapter 102. Chapter 102 requires a permit from DEP for the following activities:

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