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Filter Plant Optimization Programs Performance Measures

Performance Measures of the Filter Plant Performance Evaluation, Partnership for Safe Water, and Area-Wide Optimization Programs

The Filter Plant Performance Evaluation (FPPE) program is an initiative to evaluate filter plant performance in Pennsylvania. Conversely, the national Partnership for Safe Water (Partnership) is a voluntary effort that encourages public water systems to self-assess their facilities, treatment processes, operating and maintenance procedures, and management oversight practices. Both programs focus on filtered drinking water suppliers that obtain source water from reservoirs, lakes, rivers and streams. They provide an added measure of safety to millions of Pennsylvanians. In essence, the preventative measures are based on optimizing treatment plant performance and preventing disease-causing organisms from entering the state's drinking water supplies.

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The following report contains information on the benefits and outcomes of the FPPE and Partnership programs.

Performance Measures of Pennsylvania's Filter Plant Optimization Programs