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This bureau assures a safe and reliable supply of drinking water for Pennsylvania residents and visitors through the regulation of over 10,000 public water systems. This mission is achieved through the administration of the federal grants for the Safe Drinking Water and Security and Operator Training Reimbursement programs totaling in excess of $12 million annually.

The bureau establishes operational standards for water supply facilities, and directs the technical development and regulatory oversight for water supply and wastewater plant operator training and certification requirements; develops surveillance strategies that direct field inspector activities at water supply facilities, and directs compliance and enforcement responses to violations identified at water supply facilities; develops and delivers training programs for water supply plant operators and department staff, and administers the Department’s training provider accreditation program; develops and directs the implementation of specialized management and operational programs at surface water treatment facilities that optimize compliance performance and public health protection; establishes engineering design standards and permit requirements for water supply technology, including collection, conveyance, storage and ancillary facilities; directs the technical review and approval for water supply and wastewater infrastructure funding projects, and administratively processes grant agreements for water supply and wastewater infrastructure funding projects; develops and implements programs to build the capability of small water supply systems to achieve and maintain compliance with federal and state regulations and standards; and directs the development and delivery of technical assistance and outreach programs at water supply facilities that are experiencing recurring operational and compliance problems.

The bureau builds financial, management and technical capability within communities and facilities through the administration of licensing and certification programs covering water supply treatment plant operators, and the development, delivery and accreditation of training programs to meet continuing education requirements, and coordinates all programs with associated federal, interstate and intrastate agencies.