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Performance Measures


The Bureau of Safe Drinking Water in the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is charged with the following program areas:

  • Assure that all Pennsylvania residents and visitors are protected from microbiological, chemical, and radiological contaminants in drinking water served at nearly 10,000 public water systems;
  • Assure that water system infrastructure in Pennsylvania municipalities is adequate to meet community needs through the effective management of available annual funding under federal and state construction funding programs; and
  • Assure adequate management and operation capabilities at drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities through the training and certification of over 25,000 plant operators and sewage enforcement officers.

The Bureau of Safe Drinking Water has assembled the following summary of performance measures. The summary provides a long-term perspective on the workload and accomplishments concerning major program areas in the Bureau. In the descriptions, you will find a short introduction to the program; facility information, where applicable; a list of outputs (i.e., environmental activities or efforts that are produced over a period of time); and outcomes (i.e., results achieved through the implementation of an environmental program or activity).