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Becoming Certified to Perform Services

Pennsylvania law requires that persons, other than the building owner, performing radon services (testing, mitigation, and/or laboratory analysis) be certified by DEP.

DEP radon certification has been required by Pennsylvania state regulation since Sept. 21, 1988. Radon certification must be obtained before any person conducts radon testing, radon mitigation, or radon laboratory analysis in Pennsylvania, with the exception of the following:

  • Testing for or mitigating against radon contamination in a building that the person owns or occupies.

  • Using measures designed to prevent radon contamination in newly constructed buildings. This exception does not apply to radon testing or installation of radon mitigating devices in these buildings following occupancy

  • Performing testing or mitigation in the course of the person's normal duties as an employee or contractor of DEP or the federal government.

  • Performing scientific research, provided the information obtained is disclosed to the DEP (Title 25 Pa Code 240.303 Reporting of information) and the person informs the building owner or occupant of the affected building of the following:

    • The person is not certified by the DEP to test or mitigate against radon contamination.

    • The test results are not certified.

    • The mitigation methods are for experimental purposes and may be unsuccessful.
  • Distributing, but not placing, or retrieving passive radon testing devices, such as charcoal canisters or track etch monitors supplied by a certified laboratory, if radon concentrations determined by the laboratory are reported directly to the building owner or occupier of the building tested.

Unless one of the above listed exemptions is met, certification by the DEP is required prior to performing radon testing, mitigation and/or laboratory analysis in Pennsylvania. Membership in professional organizations is not acceptable for exemption from this certification requirement.

The Radon Division provides an all-inclusive guide to applying for, maintaining and amending radon certifications. This guide contains application instructions and the necessary forms to submit required certification documents to the division.

Pennsylvania Radon Certification Forms and Information