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Radon Services Directory

Certified Testers:

Certified Mitigators:

Certified Laboratories:

Above lists updated May 1, 2024

This directory contains a listing of Pennsylvania approved:

  • Certified individuals
  • Certified firms
  • DEP listed testing firm employees
    All DEP-listed Testing Firm Employees have an ID number in the 8000 series
  • DEP-listed mitigation firm employees
    All DEP-listed Mitigation Firm Employees have an ID number in the 7000 series

The coding description for the different types of radon test devices is listed below.

  • E Electret Ion Chamber
  • A Alpha Track Detector
  • C Charcoal Canister
  • CW Continuous Working Level Monitor
  • CR Continuous Radon Monitor
  • LS Liquid Scintillation

Since certification status may change, the Bureau of Radiation Protection updates these lists monthly. To verify certification, check for a current DEP ID Card and/or certification certificate.