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List of Municipal Waste Beneficial Use General Permits

A person or municipality shall not conduct activities in accordance with the terms and conditions of any of the municipal waste beneficial use general permits listed below unless an application for coverage has been approved, in writing, by the Department.
WMGM008 (pdf)Beneficial use of restaurant oil and animal fat for use as an alternative fuel.
WMGM011 (pdf)Beneficial use of processed construction waste to produce mulch as a soil additive and an aggregate in concrete or asphalt mixtures for construction purposes
WMGM014 (pdf)Beneficial use of roadway excavation waste as roadway construction material.
WMGM015 (pdf)Processing and beneficial use of wood and timber waste (i.e., tree stumps, limbs, clean wood, untreated and unpainted wood and pallets) and the leaf and yard waste as mulch and compost to compliment the mulch production.
WMGM016 (pdf)Processing and beneficial use of trees, tree stumps, limbs, clean pallets, untreated and unpainted scrap lumber, packing crates and brush.
WMGM017 (pdf)Processing and beneficial use of compost of manure, yard waste, source separated food scraps from food markets, grocery stores, food banks, food distribution centers, school cafeterias and institutions, source-separated newspaper, and source-separated corrugated paper (cardboard) as soil substitute, soil conditioner, fertilizer, mulch or soil amendment.
WMGM019 (pdf)Processing and beneficial use of concrete, asphalt, hardwood timber as mulch and uncontaminated soil as construction material, and topsoil for commercial purposes.
WMGM022 (pdf)
  1. Processing and beneficial use of waste concrete, brick, aggregate previously used as sub-grade or sub-base material in roadway construction, shot rock, roof ballast, and waste asphalt to produce a roadway or parking lot construction material, and/or substitute for PennDOT approved aggregate; and
  2. Processing and beneficial use of timber waste (i.e., tree stumps, limbs, clean wood, untreated and unpainted lumber, shrubs, clean pallets, clean skids and packing crates), and leaf and yard waste (i.e., source segregated leaf and yard waste, grass clippings) to produce bedding material for livestock
WMGM024 (pdf)Processing and beneficial use of concrete and asphalt waste as: an aggregate, sub-grade or sub-base material for roadway construction; cold-mix or hot-mix construction material for compacted roadway applications covered with a pavement; or construction material for compacted roadway shoulder applications covered with a sealer.
WMGM026 (pdf)Beneficial use of sewage sludge incinerator ash as an ingredient or a component in the production of a high quality topsoil or compost material.
WMGM027 (pdf)Processing of:
  1. wood waste (clean and uncontaminated land clearing, grubbing and excavation waste, yard waste, and residual and municipal wood scrap) to produce mulch for landscaping purposes,
  2. leaf and yard waste, food processing residuals, and spent mushroom substrate (SMS) to produce compost,
  3. organic, non-organic residuals with a BTU value of at least 5,000 BTU/lb for use as alternative fuels,
  4. compost, drinking water treatment plant sludge, waste gypsum, foundry sand and SMS with non-waste soils to produce topsoil for landscaping purposes, and
  5. clean, uncontaminated rock, stone, gravel, brick, block, concrete and used asphalt) for use as a construction material at the processing facility only.
WMGM030 (pdf)Composting yard waste facilities between five acres and 15 acres.
WMGM036 (pdf)This general permit authorizes the blending or mixing of dewatered sewage sludge generated by municipal sewage collection and treatment systems or treatment works, and lime material to produce either an exceptional quality biosolid or a lime stabilized sewage sludge for beneficial use by using a portable processing unit.
WMGM037 (pdf)This general permit authorizes the processing and conversion of municipal waste into a fuel product.
WMGM038 (pdf)Grinding, shredding, and screening of untreated and unpainted gypsum wallboard products using a regular or Type X gypsum core and faced with paper, generated at residential homes and commercial construction sites, or manufacturing facilities. The resultant materials, hereinafter referred to as "ground gypsum" and backing paper, are approved for beneficial uses as: (i) a component of mushroom growing media, (ii) a soil additive material, (iii) a soil amendment, (iv) a component or ingredient in a manufacturing process, (v) an animal bedding material, (vi) an ingredient in the production of mulch, (vii) a bulking agent, and (viii) an ingredient in cement, concrete, grout, asphalt or flowable backfill mixtures for construction purposes.
WMGM039 (pdf)The general permit is for the processing and beneficial use of post-consumer asphalt shingles (tear-offs) and pre-consumer asphalt shingles (i.e., imperfections, tabs, trimming scraps, etc., generated in the manufacturing of new asphalt shingles and damaged, unused shingles) as an ingredient in hot-mix and cold-mix asphalt paving material, a component of a sub-base material, as dust control on rural roads when applied with a binder, and as a component or ingredient in fuel used in cement or manufacturing or in the generation of electricity or steam. The processing is limited to transferring, screening, shredding, grinding, sorting and magnetic removal of ferrous metal.
WMGM042 (pdf)Processing by anaerobic digestion of animal manure generated on a farm to be blended with (a) grease trap waste and (b) pre-and-post consumer food waste from commercial and institutional establishments for beneficial use activity as follows: 1.) The methane gas produced by the anaerobic digestion as fuel, including in the production of electricity. 2.) The waste solids removed from the digester as animal bedding material at the farm; and 3.) The liquid waste and solids removed from the digester as a soil additive for agricultural purposes..
WMGM043 (pdf)Acceptance, transfer and processing prior to beneficial use of construction and demolition waste material.
WMGM044 (pdf)Processing of unpainted and untreated wood waste; gypsum board; brick, block and concrete waste; various organic wastes; non-asbestos containing asphalt shingles; pallets; skids; saw dust; source segregated paper; cardboard and newspaper; plastic waste; scrap metal; unused structural sound building materials; and architectural elements. The processed waste materials are beneficial use as (a) mulch or wood chips for further processing off-site, (b) aggregate material in roadway construction, (c) soil conditioner or soil amendment, (d) alternative fuel, (e) animal bedding, or (f) distributed to wholesale outlets.
WMGM045 (pdf)Processing and beneficial use activities performed by facilities that, at any one time, do not exceed (i) 5 acres and (ii) 6,000 cubic yards per acre of wastes as follows: 1. Processing by mixing or blending, screening and composting of (a) source separated food processing waste, (b) source separated pre-and-post consumer food wastes, (c) yard waste, (d) unpainted and untreated wood waste, (e) source segregated paper and cardboard, (f) land clearing and grubbing waste, and (g) agricultural waste on an active or abandoned mine site approved by the Department as part of a mine reclamation permit or project. 2. Beneficial use of the cured compost as (a) a soil additive, (b) a mulch for landscaping purposes, (c) a fertilizer in normal farming operations or mine reclamation activities, or (d) in the production of a manufactured topsoil .
WMGM046 (pdf)General Permit authorizes the processing of digested sewage sludge for beneficial use by land application. Approval is limited to the addition of quicklime and sulfamic acid which react to produce elevated temperature and pressure.
WMGM049 (pdf)Permit authorizes the beneficial use of reclaimed water as non-contact cooling and/or process water at natural gas - fired combined cycle electric generating facilities.
WMGM050 (pdf)Processing of non-liquid sewage sludge from municipal wastewater treatment plants and alkaline fly/bed ash to be beneficially used as a fuel at power plants. Processing is limited to mechanical mixing by auger and drying.
WMGM051 (pdf)Temporary storage and gravity separation of less than 21,000 gallons of residential septage in above ground storage tanks and tank trucks for ultimate discharge into a permitted wastewater treatment plant authorized to land apply septage or sewage sludge or a facility approved under General Permit PAG-9 to process and beneficially use residential septage by land application.
WMGM052 (PDF)General Permit allows for the use of up to five manufactured Bio-Bins or approved equivalent for the storage of source separated food scraps, fruit, vegetables, breads, meats, fish and other organic materials until transported to a permitted composting facility.
WMGM053 (PDF)General Permit allows for the provision of unpackaged bakery, produce and dairy products that are diverted from disposal for beneficial use as a replacement for dry feed for livestock.
WMGM054 (PDF)General Permits allows the sale, distribution or giving away in a bag or other container, of treated and finished exceptional quality bio-solids derived material at a distribution site.
WMGM055 (pdf)Beneficial use of landfill gas (LFG) generated by the decomposition of municipal waste and residual waste for use as an alternative fuel for the electric generators to produce electricity that will be used: (1) for the landfill's daily needs, (2) transmitted to the local electric utility grid, and/or (3) distributed for direct consumer use.
WMGM061 (pdf)This general permit authorizes the following:
  • Salvaging, storage and processing of ferrous/non-ferrous metal that is coated with ash residue from resource recovery facilities to recover recyclable metals.
  • Storage and processing of bulk ash residue from resource recovery facilities to recover recyclable metals or coarse or fine aggregate for use as a construction material.
  • Beneficial use of coarse or fine aggregate as a construction material that has been processed for this use in accordance with a permit issued by the Department.
WMGM063 (pdf)Aerobic digestion of diverted grocery products for beneficial use as a soil additive or fertilizer for agricultural purposes or replacement for, or ingredient in the production of, dry feed for swine, poultry, and pets.
WMGM065 (pdf)Storage and processing of municipal wastewater sewage sludge (biosolids) from municipal wastewater treatment plants for beneficial use as a fuel at power plants and cement kilns. Processing is limited to drying and gasification.