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MW General Permits

A general permit is a permit that applies to municipal waste processing and/or beneficial use activities. A person or municipality may apply for coverage under an existing general permit by submitting a completed application to the department for either a registration or determination of applicability. The general permit process has several benefits for eligible applicants. These benefits include:

  • less costly application fees;
  • streamlined application process that results in quicker permit decisions; and
  • potential waiver of bonding and insurance requirements.

For more information on the general permit process, please see Chapters 271 and 284 of the municipal waste management regulations and Chapter 287 of the residual waste management regulations.

Municipal waste general permits may be issued on a regional or statewide basis for a category of processing and/or beneficial use of municipal waste. Wastes must be similar physically and chemically and must be used and processed in a similar fashion. Persons may be authorized to operate under an existing general permit via a registration or determination of applicability. Fees include:

  • general permit - $1,000
  • general permit (municipal & residual waste mixture) - $2,000
  • registration - $250
  • determination of applicability - $500.
Permit Forms for Beneficial Use Additional Permit Forms for Processing Prior to Beneficial Use