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Computer and Electronics Recyclers in Pennsylvania

Selecting an electronics recycler is an important task. It is important that you find a company or organization that handles the material in a manner that meets your needs, is protective of human health and environmentally responsible. In order to select a recycler or reuser that meets your needs, you may want to look at the following web pages for some guidance:

The following list of computer and electronics recyclers in Pennsylvania have been permitted under the General Permit WMGR081 (eLibrary) (processing and beneficial use of electronic equipment and components by sorting, disassembling or mechanical processing). This list only includes PA located entities currently operating. Most of these entities also completed a survey conducted by the department, which provides basic waste management information on these facilities. To view the results of the survey, click on the company or organization name.

Electronics Recyclers (pdf) or (xlsx) in Pennsylvania permitted under General Permit WMGR081 (eLibrary).

Inclusion of a site on this list does not constitute the department's recommendation or endorsement nor does it indicate the accuracy of the surveys. For questions regarding this list, please call 717-787-7381.

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