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Statutes and Regulations

Pennsylvania Statutes (This is not a complete list of Statutes)

  • Covered Device Recycling Act, Act 108 of 2010 - An Act establishing a recycling program for certain covered devices; imposing duties on manufacturers and retailers of certain covered devices; providing for the powers and duties of the Department of Environmental Protection and for enforcement; establishing the Electronic Materials Recycling Account in the General Fund; and prescribing penalties.
  • Hazardous Sites Cleanup Act 108 (includes Amendments) of 1988 - Provides for the cleanup of hazardous waste sites, response and investigation for liability and cost recovery and established the Hazardous Sites Cleanup Fund.
  • Household Hazardous Waste Funding Act 155 of 1994 - Provides for the household hazardous waste collection and grant program.
  • Infectious and Chemotherapeutic Waste (ICW) Disposal Law, Act 93 of 1988 - Requires development of an ICW plan prior to review of ICW incinerator or disposal permits.
  • Mercury-Free Thermostat Act, Act 97 of 2008
  • Municipal Waste Planning, Recycling and Waste Reduction Act, Act 101 (includes Amendments) of 1988 - Provides for municipal waste processing and disposal planning, submission of plans, authorizing grants, requires municipal recycling programs and establishes the Recycling Fund.
  • Small Business and Household Pollution Prevention Program, Act 190 of 1996 (see Chapter 2) - Establishes asmall business pollution prevention and hazardous waste collection program.
  • Solid Waste Management Act, Act 97 of 1980(include amendments) - Provides for the planning and regulation of solid waste storage, collection, transportation, processing treatment and disposal. Requires county plan development, permits and licenses and establishing the Solid Waste Abatement Fund.
  • Solid Waste Resource Recovery Development Act, Act 198 of 1974 - Established the Solid Waste-Resources Recovery Development Fund and the use of that fund for municipal planning and development of resource recovery and solid waste disposal/processing programs.
  • Used Oil Recycling Act, Act 89 of 1982
  • Waste Disposal Fee Act 90 of 2002 (includes Amendments)
  • Waste Tire Recycling Act, Act 190 of 1996 (includes Amendments)
    • Act 24 of 2010 - Provides $1.25 million per fiscal year from FY 09/10 to FY 12/13 for the Used Tire Pile Remediation Restricted Account.
  • Waste Transportation Safety Act, Act 90 of 2002 - Establishes the municipal and residual waste hauler authorization program.

Pennsylvania Regulations

Federal Statutes

  • RCRA (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act)

Federal Regulations