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Waste Reduction

Waste reduction is eliminating or reducing municipal waste even before recycling. Why try to reduce waste?

  • Save Money - - You can reduce expenses by avoiding unnecessary packaging and buying longer-lasting products.
  • Save Natural Resources - - The extraction and processing of resources has a large environmental impact. By wasting less you can consume less.
  • Save Energy - - Manufacturing and transporting all the stuff we buy has a great cost in terms of depleting energy resources and producing air pollution and global warming gases.
  • Reduce Disposal Costs - - Pay-as-You-Throw allows residents to directly benefit financially from waste reduction efforts.
  • Save Time - - Reducing household clutter or eliminating unwanted mail can make life easier. When you reduce waste at the source, you don't need to spend time recycling or discarding it.
  • It's Fun - - Yard Sales, flea markets, and auctions can be entertaining community activities while promoting waste reduction and reuse.

Reducing waste can become a habit, a way of life, so easy you won't even think about it. In the following weeks, we'll provide tips and tricks to help the environment and make life easier through reducing waste.

Where to Recycle