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Changing Pennsylvania’s Littering Behavior

Litter along a road in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has a littering habit.  A diverse state, Pennsylvanians have a hard time agreeing on which convenience store is their favorite or which city has the best sports, but 90 percent of Pennsylvanians agree that litter is a problem.

It’s costing us.  Litter undercuts our quality of life and the health of our waters and soil. It robs us of community improvements and economic development, too. Significant taxpayer dollars and other funds are directed to trash cleanup that could otherwise be spent more beneficially, such as on improving our roads or creating parks or other amenities.

It’s time for change.

Pennsylvania Litter Action Plan

LitterActionPlan.pngThe Pennsylvania Litter Action Plan, developed with input from over 100 stakeholders from around the state, envisions a cleaner Pennsylvania with state and local government offices, the General Assembly, community and environmental organizations, businesses, and residents all doing their part to prevent littering.

It presents many actionable solutions we can all take to reduce littering. While each community’s needs and challenges are different, the report highlights successful programs and strategies that can be duplicated or modified to fit the needs of any community.

While it will be no small feat to change Pennsylvanians’ behavior, by working together we can ensure that Pennsylvanians have convenient access to responsible waste disposal and recycling, that people understand that littering and illegal dumping are not acceptable, and that litterers and illegal dumpers are held accountable. The result will be a cleaner, more vibrant Pennsylvania, which we can all agree is the Pennsylvania we want to live in.