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Drive Electric Pennsylvania Coalition

Drive Electric Pennsylvania Coalition participants, November 2017 meeting Drive Electric Pennsylvania Coalition participants, November 2017 meeting

Efforts to promote electric vehicle adoption are increasing nationally, as more states and cities see the value of reduced greenhouse gas emissions and the potential for new economic opportunities. The DEP Energy Programs Office began collaborating in 2016 with stakeholders statewide in a planning process intended to increase the acceptance and adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) by state government agencies, local governments, businesses, industry, and the general public in Pennsylvania.

Three committees are working to develop plans, goals, and activities related to EV education and outreach, procurement, and charging infrastructure.

In addition, DEP and the coalition have concluded a yearlong project to create a report called the "Pennsylvania Electric Vehicle Roadmap." The roadmap was created with technical support from an expert transportation consultant (supported by the U.S. Department of Energy State Energy Program funds). The purpose of the roadmap is to review the state of electric vehicle market in Pennsylvania, define a set of proposed strategies to support the expansion of the EV market, and to provide estimates of the potential benefits and impacts to the state from an increased EV market. The roadmap will help inform policymakers in the Commonwealth interested in supporting EV growth in Pennsylvania.

The Drive Electric Pennsylvania Coalition includes state and municipal government officials, Department of Energy's Clean Cities Coalitions, EV businesses and consultants, transportation organizations, electric utilities, environmental groups, auto companies, and other interested stakeholders.

Participation in the coalition is open to the public with at least three meetings per year along with occasional outreach events, like the EV Ride-and-Drive event at the State Capitol on Oct. 23. For video and photos of that event, follow this link.

During the most recent coalition meeting on November 21, 2019 at the PA Turnpike Headquarters, the coalition reviewed and discussed important legislation, policy, incentives and educational opportunities for the expansion of EV and EV infrastructure. In addition, the Allentown Parking Authority spoke with the coalition to highlight their strategy and success in implementing EV charging in 8 public parking garages across the city. The meeting agenda and presentations are available to review below.

The 2020 DEPA Coalition meetings are being planned for:
- Thursday, March 26, 2019; 10AM – 2PM (location TBD)
- Thursday, July 23; 10AM – 2PM (location TBD)
- Thursday, November 19; 10AM – 2PM at the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Headquarters 700 S. Eisenhower Blvd., Middletown, PA 17057

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Environmental Group Manager
DEP Energy Programs Office.