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Building Energy Codes Training

Put money in your pocket and increase your profits. Whether you are a landlord or owner- occupant of a building, you can save money by reducing ongoing utility and operating costs when it's built to energy code. When you or your tenant saves money on utility bills, you're also improving productivity and occupant health. These are marketing tools for prospective clients, or tenants, with outcomes that can improve more than just the bottom line of your utility bill. Energy codes and standards set minimum efficiency requirements for new and renovated buildings, assuring reductions in energy use and emissions over the life of the building. Pennsylvania's current code is the 2009 IECC with reference to ASHRAE 90.1-2007.

A major step to supporting efforts in ensuring PA's buildings are built to current code is by supporting energy code trainings for our energy code professionals. Through US Department of Energy's State Energy Program (SEP), DEP's Office of Pollution Prevention and Energy Assistance will be working with the Pennsylvania Construction Codes Academy (PCCA) and a service provider to offer energy code trainings and technical assistance. PCCA is the Pennsylvania Department of Economic Development's code trainer, who provides many types of training to code professionals every year. DEP is allocating SEP funding to PCCA to enable them to provide additional energy code training. The training will build on the results of a professional field study conducted from 2014-16. That study identified energy codes deficiencies that were specific to PA buildings. Using this information, the training will focus on practical challenges and solutions for PA energy code professionals. There will be a variety of classroom trainings and webinars as well as custom, hands on trainings available. Stay tuned for future website updates on the trainings.

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