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State Energy Program

As Pennsylvania's main contact to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), we serve as the State Energy Office for the Commonwealth. One of our responsibilities is to submit an annual plan (referred to as the State Energy Plan or SEP) to the DOE for energy efficiency, renewable energy, and energy assurance activities. A formula grant is used to award DOE funding to all State Energy Offices that submit annual SEP.

Annual SEP cover all activities carried out by the State Energy Office, even those items not funded by DOE. The SEP includes planning, tracking, implementing and promoting energy efficiency, building codes, energy management systems, renewable energy, alternative fuels, energy assurance and security, fuel resources, financial markets, and more. For an example of one of our SEP projects, Energy Efficiency Financing in Pennsylvania: A Gap Analysis, click  here.

The DEP annually updates the SEP programs and projects. See examples of the work we do on the right-hand toolbar. For more information on the State Energy Plans from the DOE see their website.