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Air Quality Fee Payment Instructions

Now Live!

Facilities are now able to pay Air Quality Annual Operating Permit Maintenance Fees online credit card or electronic check (e-Check) via:

  • Quick Pay (no login required) or
  • DEP’s Air Quality Fee Payment application on Greenport.

All facilities with air operating permits are required to pay an Annual Operating Permit Maintenance Fee. Maintenance Fees are due each December for the next calendar year. For example: Maintenance Fees for Calendar Year 2024 are due by December 31, 2023.

Using the Quick Pay System:

Using the Quick Pay system is an alternative method to the Greenport method. All that is required is your Client ID and the Invoice Number to access the system. Once you have this information follow the prompts on the webpage to make payment.

For additional information please reference the Quick Pay Instructions or the Instructional Video.

Using the Greenport System:

Follow the steps below, if you would like to create a Greenport account to access the Air Quality Fee Payment application. For help with Greenport contact the IT Service Desk by clicking here.

1. Create an account in the DEP Greenport if you do not currently have one. From the Greenport home page, click the “Register” button and follow the instructions for creating a Greenport account. A user guide is available to explain the steps in registering a new account or importing an existing Greenport account into the new Keystone Login system. Please see the Video Guide for more assistance.

2. Complete the enrollment process and Electronic Filing Administrator (EFA) Registration and Security Agreement. Follow the guide for the steps needed to use your invoice number to enroll in the Air Quality Fee Payment ePermitting application. Please see the Video Guide for more assistance.

The EFA Registration and Security Agreement serves as your legal authorization to represent facility online business transactions with DEP. Once you have completed the agreement by providing your electronic signature, you will be directed to your ePermitting dashboard.

3. Processing payment. Reference the below guide on how to select an invoice and pay maintenance fees in the e-permitting application. A video guide is available here. Please contact the appropriate Regional Office to make corrections to your facility information, if necessary.

After payment is made, you will be able to view, print, and save confirmation of your payment.