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Request For Determination

The RFD*Online project creates an RFD process that:

  • Provides facility owner/operators with information to assist them in understanding the RFD process and a real-time online feature to view the exemption status for a new or modified emission source or process.
  • Provides DEP staff with an RFD submission process that reduces variation and misinterpretation of regulatory exemption criteria and tools to assist them in evaluating submitted RFD information.
  • Captures and maintains RFD data electronically to facilitate overall permit management within DEP.

Additionally, the RFD*Online process:

  • Reduces submission and evaluation confusion.
  • Accelerates the RFD evaluation process and decreases turn-around time.
  • Improves data quality by reducing data processing errors and incomplete submissions.
  • Prepares submitted data for use with other permit-related processes.
  • Leverages the use of automated, web-based tools.

The RFD*Online application is a "self-registered" application offered on the Department's 'GreenPort' web portal. No paper application is required, just visit:

If you don't already have an account for another reason, such as emission inventory, click on the blue "Click here to self-register" button and follow the instructions on the screen.

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