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​​Annual Reporting for the VOC Rules for Oil & Natural Gas Sources

On December 10, 2022, the regulations “Control of VOC Emissions from Unconventional Oil and Natural Gas Sources” (25 Pa. Code §§ 129.121 – 129.130) and “Control of VOC Emissions from Conventional Oil and Natural Gas Sources” (25 Pa. Code §§ 129.131-129.140) were published.

Both regulations require annual reporting of specific compliance information. DEP has developed annual report templates [Annual Report Template for Unconventional O&G (Excel) and Annual Report Template for Conventional O&G (Excel)] to assist owners and operators comply with the reporting requirements. The template has a tab for each component that has a reporting requirement. Reports should include information on the specific equipment that meets the applicability of the regulations. The use of this template is not required but may be helpful to affected entities for compliance with this requirement. If you choose not to use the template, please submit your annual report in spreadsheet format, preferably Excel.

When is the Annual Report Due?

DEP has suspended enforcement of the initial annual report submission until June 1, 2024, the date when the second report is due. The notice of the suspension of enforcement is available to review in Volume 54 Number 4 of the Pennsylvania Bulletin.

How do I submit the Annual Report to DEP?

Please submit the annual reports to DEP via the Public Upload System. Annual reports should be in spreadsheet format, preferably Excel.

  • Submission Type - Air Quality Report or Miscellaneous Submission (No Payment)
  • Request Type - Other
  • Specify the County and Municipality for each site covered by the Annual Report.
  • Include the text “129.130 Annual Report” or “129.140 Annual Report” in the Submission Notes Section

Please use the public upload guide (PDF) for assistance on submitting the Annual Report.


Please contact with questions about the Annual Reporting requirements.

Small Business Assistance:

If you qualify as a Pennsylvania small business (less than 100 employees and not a major source of air pollution, you may contact the Pennsylvania Environmental Management Assistance Program (EMAP) for free, confidential assistance understanding and completing the reporting requirements. To contact EMAP, visit EMAP’s website at Environmental Management Assistance Program - Pennsylvania, email questions to or call the toll-free hotline at (877) ASK-EMAP (275-3627).