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Continuous Emission Monitoring

For over three decades, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has developed and managed one of the strongest continuous emission monitoring (CEM) programs in the country. Pennsylvania was one of the first states to use standardized electronic data reporting and reported data for direct compliance evaluations and penalty assessments.

A Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) is a combination of the hardware and software used for the continuous determination and recording of a value for compliance with an emissions standard, operational criterion or informational reporting requirement. It includes the measurement interface, all necessary measurement devices and associated calibration and data handling apparatus and procedures.

The owners/operators of certain industrial and utility sources are required to install, operate, and maintain CEMSs to monitor key pollutants and/or operational parameters to demonstrate compliance with emissions standards or operational criteria as stipulated in a plan approval, operating permit, or order.

Technical Manuals


To use CEMDPS*Online, you must have an account on the Departments' GreenPort website. If you don't already, please download the form below, complete it, and mail or fax it to the address on the form. You can also email it to Natalie at the above address.

Periodically Updated CSMS Information

Compliance Assurance Policies

Compliance assurance policies establish uniform criteria for assessing monetary penalties for exceedances of emission standards and data availability requirements through an agreement rather than repeated criminal citations or civil penalty actions. Each CEMS will be covered under one of the CAPs, depending on the source type.


Important Notice Pertaining to Accreditation

The Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Act (Act 25 of 2002) requires that all environmental laboratories register with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection within six months of the effective date of the Act, April 2, 2002, on a registration form prepared by the department. An environment laboratory is defined in the Act as a facility engaged in the testing or analysis of environmental samples as required by an environmental statute administered by the department.