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Natalie Russ, Chief
(717) 772-3944
Status of Reviews
General Questions

Richard Basso
(717) 772-3946
Certification Workgroup Lead Worker
Data Acquisition System Accuracy Verification
Data Validation

Susan Bolstrum
(717) 783-9725
Testing Procedures
Quality Assurance

Ian Johnson
Quality Assurance

Jon Miller
(717) 772-5101
Data Workgroup Lead Worker
Quarterly Data Reporting
Quarterly Quality Assurance Procedures

Hitesh Suri
(717) 772-3963
Quality Assurance

Daniel VanLenten
(717) 783-9270
Quality Assurance
Predictive Emissions Monitoring
Mercury and Air Toxics
Area and Major Source Boilers
Portland Cement Plants
Site Specific Monitoring

Clifton Vassell
(717) 772-3962
Quality Assurance
CEM Online User Access