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Modern Landfill

NPDES Permit Renewal

In 2020, DEP and Republic Services entered into a Consent Order and Agreement requiring upgrades to the industrial waste water treatment facility at Modern Landfill to achieve compliance with NPDES effluent limits for boron and osmotic pressure. Effluent from the facility is discharged into Kreutz Creek. During an inspection in August 2022, DEP staff observed that the existing treatment system is operational and monitoring records are up to date. The new treatment units are scheduled to be completed in April 2023. The plant upgrades are expected to improve Modern Landfill’s compliance with the permitted effluent discharge limits. In turn, pollutant concentrations at the outfall and downstream should benefit.

DEP is currently working with the landfill to renew its NPDES permit. Public participation is an important part of DEP’s regulatory and oversight responsibilities. The public will be given an opportunity to offer comments about the permit at the appropriate time in the renewal process.

Solid Waste Permit Renewal

Republic Services is seeking renewal of its Solid Waste Permit. This application does not request any changes to the current facility design, operation, volumes, permit conditions, or permit area.