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Community Information

DEP believes that it is vital for citizens to be informed about environmental issues in their communities, especially those issues that are of significant local interest and impact over an extended period of time. It is the purpose of the Community Involvement section to make information about major environmental issues within the 15 counties of southcentral Pennsylvania conveniently located and accessible to all residents.

Peace Rock/Kernsville Dam

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection reminds Pennsylvania residents and visitors that the property along the Schuylkill River upstream of the Kernsville Dam to State Route 61 in Berks County is not a public area and should not be used as such.  Use of the property alongside and near the river, including Peace Rock, the dam, the beach area and all adjacent areas, is considered trespassing, except to provide portage around the Kernsville Dam. There are features on the properties at Kernsville Dam that present hazards to unauthorized persons. Boaters are allowed to use the river, aside from the area immediately before and after the dam, in accordance with Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission rules and regulations.

Vehicles parked illegally near the property will be ticketed and possibly towed, and anyone found on the site can be cited for trespassing. “No Trespassing” signs have been posted at various points on the property. While the property is state-owned, it is not open to the public for safety reasons.

Alternative opportunities for swimming and boating abound within a short drive of Kernsville Dam, including Tuscarora, French Creek, and Locust Lake state parks.