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Erie Coke Corporation

Site Background

City of Erie, Erie County


Previous Property Owners and Operators:
Jarvis Company
Perry Iron Company
Mather and Company
Interlake Iron Company
Perry Furnace Company
Koppers Company, Inc.
Erie Coke Corporation

Erie Coke HSCA Investigation

DEP’s Bureau of Environmental Cleanup and Brownfields is investigating the former Erie Coke, Inc. in the City of Erie, in accordance with the Pennsylvania Hazardous Sites Cleanup Act (HSCA). Periodic updates about this investigation will be posted on this page.

The Erie Coke Site (Site) is located along Lake Erie at the foot of East Avenue in the City of Erie, Erie County, Pennsylvania. The Site was used for industrial manufacturing since approximately 1833 and operated as a coke production facility from 1925 to 2019. In December 2019, the facility ceased operation.

In May 2020, The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) formally requested involvement from the EPA’s Superfund and Emergency Management Division (Removal). In Fall 2022, EPA completed a Time-Critical Removal Action for the Site. EPA’s response actions addressed the hazardous substances remaining in tanks, containers and piping posing the most immediate threat to public health, welfare, and the environment.

EPA removal actions did not investigate or manage potential contamination in surface water, soil, and sediment, or subsurface groundwater and soil. As a result, PADEP’s investigation is assessing the level and extent of contaminants in these media at the Site. This environmental investigation includes sampling of surface water, soil, sediment, and subsurface groundwater and soil. The initial phase of investigation began in Fall of 2022 and completed in Spring of 2023. The Site Investigation (SI) Report, dated July 2023, is now finalized and available for review.

The July 2023 SI Report includes recommendations for additional investigation activities. PADEP is currently developing a work plan for those activities tentatively scheduled to begin in the Fall of 2023.


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Please direct questions pertaining to the Erie Coke HSCA investigation to DEP Northwest Region HSCA Project Manager Chris Saber, at 814-332-6074 or

All media inquiries should go to DEP Northwest Regional Communications Manager, Tom Decker, at 814-332-6615 or