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Instructions for the Online Application

The Environmental Education Grant Application must be submitted through the Department of Community and Economic Development’s (DCED) Electronic Single Application website. Paper and faxed copies will not be accepted.

User Tips

  • Electronic Single Application works best when accessed through Internet Explorer.
  • Save frequently.
  •  If you allow your screen to sit idle for more than 30 minutes, you will lose the data entered since last save and will have to re-enter it.
  • Is a Required application field. If a required field is skipped, when you attempt to submit your application, you will receive a message to return to the applicable section to complete the field.
  • If a required field is skipped, when you attempt to submit your application, you will receive a message to return to the applicable section to complete the field.
  • Do not use special characters in the fields such as \, /, *, &, %, #, etc.
  • You do not need to send the signature page and/or any further documentation to the Grants Center. All the information needed is contained in your on-line submission.
  • If you have questions or require assistance in completing the application, please call the DCED Customer Service Center at 1-800-379-7448. Their hours are from 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. EST Monday thru Friday.
  • Questions about the 2024 Environmental Education Grants Program should be directed to
  • The application round opens in August 2023. Application deadline is 11:59 p.m. on November 15, 2023. Early applications or those submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

1. Registration and Login

Suggestion: Write down and save the Username and Password you have chosen for future grant applications and other grant-related use.

2.  Begin a New Application

  • Project Name – Enter the name of the project.
  •  Do you need help selecting your program – Select “Yes”

Select Program

  •  Under “Agencies”, click on DEP.
  •  Select the appropriate “Use of Funds”
  • Click “SEARCH”

3. Apply

Scroll down through the various grant offerings, locate “Environmental Education Grants Program” and click on the “Apply” link.

4. Applicant Information

  • Select the applicant entity type and fill in the applicant’s (business, organization, school district, university, etc.) official (legal) name. For instance, if a teacher is submitting a proposal, enter the name of the school district. If unsure of the legal name, check with the organization’s business office. Do not use a fictitious name.
  • NAICS Code: Use the drop- down box to select the organization’s focus. The NAICS code will be automatically inserted.
  • FEIN Number (Federal Employer Identification Number): Enter the applying organization’s nine-digit number. If unknown, contact the organization’s business office. Do NOT enter Project Director’s personal SS number.
  • Complete the CEO’s name and title (person responsible for the organization’s daily operations such as a school principal, executive director or county conservation district manager.)
  • Fill in the Commonwealth’s SAP Vendor Number. If unknown, contact the organization’s business office. Note: The SAP Vendor Number is not required at the time of application. It is required to process the contractual Grant Agreement.
    Suggestion: Establishing an SAP Vendor number may take time, delaying the processing of the contractual Grant Agreement. If the applying organization does not have an existing SAP Vendor number, you may wish to consider beginning the process. The organizations’ business office should follow instructions and complete a Pennsylvania Electronic Payment Program (PEPP) Enrollment Form.
  • Enter the organization’s Contact information (name, title, phone, fax and email). The Contact may or may not be the same as the Project Director. The Contact will be copied on all official Grant Center correspondence.
  • Provide the organization’s complete mailing address. This may be different than the mailing address of the where the project will take place.
  • Enterprise Type: Select the types of enterprises that describe the applying organization. Click on “Continue."

5. Project Overview

  • Project Name – The project name (title) will auto-populate.
  • Is this project related to another previously submitted project – Select yes or no. If yes, explain.
  • Have you contacted anyone at DEP about your project – If so, please indicate yes and indicate who.
  • Is your community certified through Sustainable Pennsylvania? Select yes or no. If yes, what level?
  • Are you interested in applying for multiple funding sources for this project? While only application per project is permitted, by answering “Yes”, you will be able to submit an additional application for a different project.
  •  Site Locations – Enter as many sites that are applicable for your project.

Click on “Continue”

6. Project Site Location(s)

  • Address – Enter the project location site. P.O. Boxes are not acceptable.
  • City, State and Zip Code – Enter this information.
  • County – Select county from the dropdown box.
  • Municipality – Select municipality from the dropdown box.
  • PA House, Senate and US House – These fields will auto-populate based on county and municipality. If a Legislator is not auto-populated, please visit this page.
  • Designated Areas – Leave blank.

Click on “Continue”

7.  Project Narrative

  • Complete the project narrative section by describing the project and its expected outcomes.

Click on “Continue”

8. Program Budget 

Budget Spreadsheet Tab

  • Complete the Budget Spreadsheet tab, entering the amount of Grant funds being requested for People, Travel, Resource and Other Costs.
  • Click on “Add funding source.”
  • Source Name: Enter “Match.”
  • Use the drop-down to select the best Source Type (Private, Local, State, or In-Kind).
  • If multiple Funding Source Types (Cash and In-Kind Match) will be provided, repeat the process for each Match Source Type.
  •  Click on “Save”
  • When the budget information is complete, click on “Continue”

Basis of Cost Tab

  • Complete the Basis of Cost section and click on “Continue”

9. Program Addenda

  • Efacts ID – If known, fill in the organization’s Efacts ID (This is not a required field)
  • Applications requesting $10,000 or more in grant funds are required to submit a completed Worker Protection Form.
    • Download the Worker Protection and Investment Notice (relating to Executive Order 2021-06)
    • Download the Worker Protection Form
    • Upload the completed Worker Protection Form
  • Project Director Information – The project director serves as the point of contact for proposed project, including program content and budget. The project director coordinates grant activities and communicates with the applying organization.
    • Enter the full legal name of the applying organization (DO NOT ABBREVIATE).
    • Indicate the project director’s name, email and phone number.
  • Project Title – Enter the name of the proposed project (Do not enter the Project Director’s Title.)
  • Project Priorities – For each Priority, (Water, Climate Change, Environmental Justice, Other) use the drop-down and select “Yes” or “No.” Note: If “Yes” is selected, the project proposal must fully explain how the project will address each of the selected priorities.
    • If Environmental Justice is “Yes”: Enter the number of people (audience), excluding presenters, the project intends to reach;
    • Use the drop-down to select the percent of the audience who live and/or work in an EJ area; and
    • Verify the EJ Area(s) by listing the city and zip code(s). Use the DEP Environmental Justice Area Viewer
  • Project Type – Select “Yes” or “No” for each Project Type (Non-formal and Formal). Non-Formal education projects engage any audience. Formal education projects address PreK-12 classroom curriculum.
  • Grant Track – Select the grant track (Mini grant, General Grant Level I, or General Grant Level II).
  • Where is the project located? – Select applicable river basin or statewide.
  • If the project is located in more than one river basin, indicate below. – Select additional river basin location(s) where the project will take place.
  • List watershed where project is located. – Indicate the watershed(s) where your project is located. Find the watershed(s) here.
  • Provide the project’s Latitude and Longitude location(s). – Provide the Latitude and Longitude information for each project location.
  • Select the appropriate entity type. – Use the drop-down arrow to select the applying organization’s entity type.
  • Select your region. – Use the drop-down arrow to select the applying organization’s DEP Region. Click on the Region link for assistance.
  • Grant Linkage – Use the drop-down arrow to select “Yes” or “No” indicating if the grant application and/or its scope of work is related to any of the following: another DEP EE Grant proposal; a DEP Growing Greener Grant; a currently or formally funded DEP EE Grant; or another Grant Program. If “Yes” to any of the selections, explain in the space provided.
  • SubContractors – Provide the subcontractor’s name, FEIN Number and explain the work to be performed.
    • If a specific subcontractor is not yet identified, DEP must be contacted before the subcontractor may begin work.

Required Application Documents

Note: EE Grant Applications must include the following documents: 1) Project Proposal; 2) Scope of Work; 3) Detailed Budget Sheet; and 4) Letter(s) of Commitment. Applications that fail to provide all required documents will be considered incomplete and ineligible for 2024 EE Grant Program funding.

  • Project Proposal: Submit a written project proposal. Refer to the Grants Manual, pages 14-16, for proposal guidance.
  • Download Scope of Work Instructions and form (Word document). Links are posted on the DEP EE Grants Program webpage and within the application.
  • Read the instructions and complete the Scope of Work including:
    • Benchmarks
      Chronologically list the project’s major work components (benchmarks), by target date of completion.
    • Target Date of Completion
      Target dates must fall within the Project Period: July 1, 2023-June 30, 2024.
    • Activity Letters
      Provide one activity letter, in alphabetical order, per benchmark.
  • Upload the completed Scope of Work form.
  • Download the Detailed Budget Sheet (Excel format). Links are posted on the DEP EE Grants Program webpage and within the application.
    • The Detailed Budget sheet contains several tabs. DO NOT DELETE TABS or attempt to insert or delete rows.
    • Read the Instructions tab and complete each tab reflecting eligible People, Travel, Resources, Other, and Match costs. (A Letter of Commitment is required for all Match (Cash and/or In-kind).
    • Enter only Eligible grant expenses (Refer to the EE Grants Manual pages 12-13) Please note: The DEP has the right to reject any line item expense during the grant agreement contracting process
    • Activity Letters: For each expense, enter the Activity Letter(s) that coincide with the appropriate Scope of Work benchmark Activity Letter(s).
  • Upload your completed Detailed Budget sheet in excel format ONLY. A PDF will not be accepted.
  • Download Letters of Commitment Instructions
    Signed Letters of Commitment are required from the applying organization and/or Partner(s) substantiating project Match. Letters of Commitment shall:
    • Reference the name of organization applying for an EE Grant and the proposed Project Title;
    • Specify the type of Match (Cash and/or In-Kind) and monetary value of the commitment; and
    • Describe the task to be performed and/or item(s) to be provided. For example:
      • Cash Commitments: “Partner name will provide $500 to pay for Facility rental fees;” or “Applying organization will provide staff wages ($1000) to implement the project.”
      • In-kind Commitments: “Partner name will waive facility rental fee ($250);” or “Partner name will provide programming assistance ($400: 20 hours @ $20/hour) to support delivery of 2 community watershed programs in Fall 2024 and Spring 2025.
  • Upload Your Letter(s) of Commitment

10. Certification and Submission

The application must be certified, by an authorized, electronic signature. This signature attests that the organization is supportive of the proposal and that the grant funds will not supplant existing funds.

  • If your application is incomplete, under the orange “Application Certification” heading, it will state, “The following sections are incomplete. All required fields marked with a red diamond must be completed before you are able to submit this application.”
  • Under the orange “Application Certification” heading, it will state, “The following sections are incomplete. All required fields marked with a red diamond must be completed before you are able to submit this application.”
  • To add/correct the information, click on the section heading (examples noted: “Applicant” and “Program Addenda”) to return to the applicable application section.

Complete the following fields:

  • Indicate certification of application information by checking the related checkbox under the Electronic Signature Agreement.
  • Indicate identity as one of the following:
    • I am the applicant
    • I am an authorized representative of the company, organization or local government.
    • I am a “Certified” Partner representative
  • Type your name in the “Type Name Here” block. This will serve as your official e-signature and authorizes your application.
  • Check the “Electronic Attachment Agreement” box.
  • Click on “Submit Application.”

Do not send the signature page and/or any further documentation to the Grants Center. All the information needed is contained in your on-line submission

Congratulations! You have completed the on-line application.

11. Application Receipt Verification

  • If you want a copy of your application, click the “Print Entire Application with Signature Page” link.
  • You will always be able to view your application with the user-name and password you created at the beginning of the application.
  • Make sure to note the Single Application ID#. All future correspondence from the Department will reference this number.