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Environmental Education Grants Program Scope of Work Instructions

Project Period: July 1, 2024 through June 30, 2025

A. General Information

Complete the required information:

Legal Name of the applying Organization:
EE Grant Project Title:
Project End Date:
Project Director’s Name:
Project Director’s Email:
Project Director’s Phone Number:

B. Benchmarks

Use the rows to describe major Project tasks (benchmarks) to be completed.

  • 1) Enter the benchmark tasks in chronological order;
  • 2) Enter Target Date of Completion (within the Project Period); and
  • 3) Assign one Activity Letter, in alphabetical order to each Benchmark.


Activity Letter Benchmarks (Insert rows, as needed) Target Date of Completion (month/year)
AWork with Partners to plan workshop. Secure facility and begin advertising August 2024
BFinalize agenda, purchase equipment and materials, and begin processing registrationsSeptember 2024
CSubmit draft assessment tool for review and feedbackOctober 2024
DHost Community Workshop #1November 2024
ESubmit Midterm Progress reportJanuary 15, 2025
FAdvertise Workshop #2April 2025
GHost Community Workshop #2April 2025
HPresent the Project at a local meeting, conference or other appropriate event to share project goals, “Lessons Learned”, etc.May 2025
ISubmit Final report, assessment results and supporting materialsJune 10, 2025

Note: When completing the Detailed Budget Sheet, enter the Scope of Work’s Benchmark Activity Letters that coincide with the grant funds being requested.

Required Benchmarks

The following Benchmarks are required and must be listed individually and chronologically among the other major tasks (project benchmarks) to be completed:

1. Draft Assessment tool to be submitted for review and feedback

Enter Target Date of Completion as January 15, 2025

Note: Draft Assessment tools must be submitted prior to engaging the audience(s). If the project will engage the audience between July-December, enter a month/day/year that is at least 4-6 weeks prior to interacting with the audience. Example: If the project will engage the audience in mid-November, then the assessment tool Target Date of Completion is October 1, 2024.

2. Midterm Progress report

Enter Target Date of Completion as January 15, 2025.

3. Present the Project at a meeting, conference or other appropriate event to share project goals, “Lessons Learned,” accomplishments, etc.:

Enter Target Date of Completion as Month/Year.

Note: General Grants present at a regional, statewide, or other far-reaching events. Mini Grants may present at local venues.

4. Final Report, assessment results and supporting materials

Enter Target Date of Completion as Month/Day/year

Note: The Final Report must be submitted 14 business days after the project has concluded. The Target Date of Completion for projects concluding on June 30, 2025 is July 15, 2025.

C. Subcontractors

Complete the Subcontractors section:

List the name and FID# of all subcontractors to be utilized on this project.
Name FID#
Name of Contractor #1 Contractor #1 FID#
Name of Contractor #2 Contractor #2 FID#
Name of Contractor #3 Contractor #3 FID#

If you have not identified the Subcontractor or do not know the FID#, the information must be provided to DEP prior to the Subcontractor beginning any work.

D. Budget

The Scope of Work Budget numbers must reflect the same numbers appearing on the Detailed Budget Sheet. Complete the Detailed Budget Sheet and then enter the numbers in the Scope of Work Budget section:

Grant Amount:$ enter Detailed Budget number
Grant Share (Match):$ enter Detailed Budget number
Total Project Costs:$ enter Detailed Budget number

The DEP share shall not exceed the grant amount listed above.