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Energy Efficiency and Your Car

Did you know you may be losing money and wasting energy by putting off maintenance of your car and not driving as smart as you can? 

According to the Alliance to Save Energy, here is what better car maintenance might save you:

  • Stop ignoring oxygen sensor light: up to 40% 
  • Use recommended oil: 2%
  • Tune up vehicle: 4%
  • Properly inflate tires: 3%


Fuel Efficiency: Maintenance

Celebrating 35 years with 35 consumer video tips! The Alliance to Save Energy presents information about how fuel efficiency saves you money and energy. In this segment, learn about how a well-maintained car means more money in your pocket.

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 And what the Alliance to Save Energy says you may save by driving smarter:

Wondering about using your A/C vs. open windows? This question is tough, as it depends on the drag coefficient of your car, your engine, and how much you have the A/C cranked up. In a boxy-type vehicle with a lot of drag, windows save energy. At highway speeds, in more streamlined vehicle, you may be better off with A/C.

For more car maintenance tips, visit Energy Saver Gas.