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Car Ride, Car Share, Public Transportation

Does your drive to and from work make you crazy and cost you more time and money than you’d like? There are a lot of options available for transportation that can cut down on your stress, can save you money, and are good for the environment and public health. Public transportation (bus and train) offers a convenient and easy alternative to gridlocked commutes and high gas prices.

The "PA Commutes" website is your central location for information about rideshare, shared-ride, public transportation, biking and walking.

Some highlights from their page:

  • Car Ride or Ridesharing is where you sharing your ride to work with one or more individuals.
  • Carpooling and vanpooling are types of ridesharing. You can not only learn if this is a good option for you but find links to local organizations that can connect you with other car/van poolers.
  • For older Pennsylvanians, the Shared-Ride Program enables senior citizens 65 years of age and older to use shared-ride, demand-responsive (normally curb to curb) services and pay only a small portion of the regular shared-ride fare.
  • There is also information about bike and walk routes, laws and other safety information on the website. Select their "Bike" or "Walk" links at the top or side of the page.

Car sharing is an alternative to owning a car or renting a car. You usually pay a monthly service and reservation fee with an entity that provides the service and you don't have to pay for a car, insurance or mileage (exceptions may apply). Two that operate in Pennsylvania are and