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Chapter 105 General Permits

Many activities in Pennsylvania streams, water bodies such as lakes or ponds, or wetlands require an authorization or permit from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to protect public health, safety and the environment. These are activities that change, expand, or diminish the course, current, or cross section of a watercourse, floodway, or waterbody are termed encroachments, obstructions in certain cases, and are regulated by Chapter 105 regulations. Many of these projects qualify for a simple general permit (GP) if they are designed and implemented in accordance with the criteria in the GP. There are 12 different GPs, each related to a particular activity. All general permits, forms, instructions, and documents can be found on DEP’s eLibrary or on the Forms, Publications, and Guidance Page.

DEP’s e-permitting system for GP submission is strongly recommended and is DEP’s preferred GP submission method. It is the most efficient and provides the fastest review timeframes. The e-permitting system is constantly improving to assist applicants, to ensure complete applications, and provides for faster reviews.

General Permit Reviews

DEP or a Chapter 105 delegated county conservation district can only authorize activities when the activity meets the terms and conditions of the Chapter 105 General Permit. Therefore, prior to registration an applicant must review the appropriate GP and determine if the proposed project can be constructed in accordance with the conditions, restrictions and performance criteria identified for that specific permit. Confirming that the activity meets the terms and conditions will result in quality submissions and shorter timeframes for DEP or delegated county conservation district’s review and authorization. See the delegated county conservation district map to see which counties are delegated.

General Permit Fees

Fees for the various Chapter 105 General Permits may be determined by utilizing the Chapter 105 Fee Calculation Worksheet, 3150-PM-BWEW0553.

Fees paid to DEP for general permits are paid electronically through e-permitting using credit card or electronic check. All other fees are paid by check to DEP or the delegated county conservation district.

Chapter 105 General Permit Types


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