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Enrolling to use Chapter 105 e-permitting

The enrollment process for e-permitting is the same regardless of what DEP program area you are enrolling for within e-permitting. Only slight differences are shown on the screen once you select the Bureau of Waterways Engineering and Wetlands to assist users with chapter 105 applicants in selecting the correct enrollment category type.

The two main categories of enrollment are Electronic Filing Administrators (EFA) and Non-EFA Users.

1. Unless one has already been created, a prospective user will need to create a GreenPort account to access e-permitting.

See the Username & Password Enrollment User Guide.

2. Once a person/user is enrolled, they can access e-permitting either through GreenPort or go to and bookmark e-permitting directly.

3. Consultants are typically considered Users or Operators and not EFAs. Consultants or other uses should follow the enrollment instructions in the Enrollment User Guide.

See the User Guides and Instructions Page for more assistance with registering.

Note: Greenport Accounts are not Corporate Accounts but are accounts for an individual person.


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