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Section 319 Nonpoint Source Management Grants

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Annual Reports

  1. FY2020 Nonpoint Source Annual Report (PDF)
  2. FY2019 Nonpoint Source Annual Report (PDF)
  3. FY2018 Nonpoint Source Annual Report (PDF)
  4. FY2017 Nonpoint Source Annual Report (PDF)
  5. FY2017 Nonpoint Source Annual Report – Appendix A (PDF)
  6. FY2016 Nonpoint Source Annual Report (PDF)
  7. FY2016 Nonpoint Source Annual Report – Appendix A (PDF)
  8. FY2015 Nonpoint Source Annual Report (PDF)
  9. FY2014 Nonpoint Source Annual Report (PDF)
  10. FY2013 Nonpoint Source Annual Report (PDF)

Program Initiatives

Pennsylvania's Nonpoint Source Pollution Management Program (NPS Management Program) performs a variety of services for the commonwealth focused on the attenuation of water quality degradation resulting from "polluted runoff." The NPS Management Program directs the use of both state and federal funds for projects dedicated to stormwater management, steam restoration, soil and water conservation on farms, and abandoned mine drainage (AMD) abatement. The NPS Management Program implements a watershed based strategy in locally sized watersheds throughout the commonwealth to provide wholistic solutions to surface water quality challenges.

Education Mini-Grants

DEP maintains a long-standing relationship with the EPA and Pennsylvania Association of Conservation Districts (PACD) to further the work of nonpoint source pollution abatement within the commonwealth. This relationship historically includes awarding numerous grants to PACD for the purpose of maintaining a nonpoint source education office. Through the NPS Ed Office, DEP and PACD are able to implement a mini-grant program and perform a variety of other services that better enable Conservation Districts and other local partners in the restoration of the water resource. One of the many services provided to commonwealth residents as a result of the relationship between DEP, EPA, PACD and Conservation Districts is this Education Mini-grant program. Below is a link to the PACD website providing further detail about this Section 319 funded opportunity.