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Funding Opportunities


  • The National Municipal Stormwater Alliance (NMSA) MS4 Online Resource library provides information on different types of funding strategies that can be implemented to support stormwater programs.
  • Informative PWEA magazine article (PDF) which explains the approach used by a Township to establish a stormwater fee.

BMP Construction - PENNVEST

The Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PENNVEST) provides construction and related funding for Best Management Practices (BMPs) for the following categories:

  • Urban Stormwater BMPs
  • Agricultural BMPs
  • Abandoned Mine Drainage BMPs
  • Brownfields BMPs
Funding terms vary depending on the affordability of the project to the applicant.
For more information, visit the PENNVEST website or call 717-783-6798. You may also contact DEP at or 717-705-6345.

Growing Greener Grants

Growing Greener is an investment of state funds to address Pennsylvania's critical environmental concerns. Funding availability varies. For more information, visit the Growing Greener Grants Website.

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