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MCM 1: Public Education

Minimum Control Measure (MCM) #1 of the MS4 permit deals with Public Education and Outreach on Stormwater Impacts. There are four Best Management Practices (BMPs) within MCM #1.

The following is a selection of resources for those seeking more information on MS4 permit requirements related to MCM #1.

Educational Videos

From DEP:

  • Let’s Be Stormwater Smart, PA - This short, simple video from DEP will educate your community on the problems caused by stormwater pollution and what they can do to reduce it. Simply link to the video on your website or social media pages. You can also download the video here. Right click and choose "save video as" to save the file.

Examples from Municipalities:

You might find these stormwater educational videos from communities in Pennsylvania useful or inspirational.

Brochure: "Be Stormwater Smart"

Use this brochure to educate your community on the basics of stormwater: what it is and how it affects their wallets, safety, health, and environment in Pennsylvania. Includes helpful quiz questions that help people understand what's part of the storm sewer system and what's not. You can download and print this brochure or post it on your website and promote it through e-newsletters and social media.

Booklet: Stream Maintenance Guide

This 2017 DEP booklet uses a simple green light/yellow light/red light approach to break down what landowners need to know about what requires a DEP permit and what doesn’t.

Stencil Kit: Storm Drains

Hold a storm drain stenciling event in your community with these tools from DEP.

Kids Activities Book: Spring Creek Stormwater Activity Book

This activity booklet is designed to teach children about water resources and stormwater pollution. Created by College, Ferguson, Harris and Patton Townships; State College Borough; and Penn State.

Customizable Posters: Rain Gardens and Green Infrastructure

The Environmental Protection Agency provides downloadable files for municipalities to use to make rain garden and green roof posters and banners.