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MCM 5: Post-Construction Stormwater

Minimum Control Measure (MCM) #5 of the MS4 permit deals with Post-Construction Stormwater Management. The number of BMPs has changed from the 2013 to 2018 permit. There are three Best Management Practices (BMPs) within MCM #5 in the 2018 permit.

The following is a selection of resources for those seeking more information on MS4 requirements related to MCM #5.

Links to resources outside of DEP's website do not necessarily constitute an endorsement.

  • DEP Pennsylvania Stormwater Best Management Practices Manual (363-0300-002)
    The manual is useful to MS4s for its descriptions of BMPs and Operations & Maintenance information.

  • EPA Green Infrastructure
    EPA’s website provides a good general source of information on Low Impact Development (LID)

  • Low Impact Development (LID) Publications
    This LID Center website provides sources of technical data on LID technologies

  • LID Urban Design Tools
    This LID Center website provides information on the use of specific types of LID practices that can be used in various situations

  • LID Guidance Manual (PDF)
    This Maine Coastal Program manual provides guidance on LID standards that municipalities can use in reviewing developments and issuing building permits for single-family construction.  It also proved guidance for both the reviewing agency and the project applicant in selecting and designing appropriate LID practices.