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Act 167

The Pennsylvania Stormwater Management Act of 1978 (PDF), or Act 167, requires every county to prepare and adopt a watershed stormwater management plan in consultation with the municipalities in the county.

Counties must submit their watershed stormwater management plans to DEP for approval, and municipalities must enact ordinances consistent with the plans.

The location, design and construction of storm water management systems, obstruction removals, flood control projects, subdivisions and major land developments, highways and transportation facilities, public utility services and facilities must be consistent with the stormwater management plan.

Act 167 requires counties to review and revise their watershed stormwater management plans at least every five years.

Act 167 Stormwater Management Plan Status

The status of Act 167 Plans across Pennsylvania is shown in the diagram below. In order for an Act 167 Plan to be considered current, it must have been approved within the last five years. More detailed information on Act 167 Plan approval dates can be obtained by clicking the following link: Act 167 List.

For more information on Act 167 implementation, contact the Bureau of Clean Water at 717-787-5017.