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Approved Examination Provider (AEP) - Fees vary 

DEP utilizes approved examination providers (AEP) to host the required certification examinations, held across the commonwealth. Individuals wishing to become a certified operator MUST contact one of the AEPs to request an exam session. There is a AEP "hosting" fee associated with the exam session. Fees vary.

You must also pay DEP...

  • Examination Session Fees - $35 per exam session An examination session is defined as a four-hour testing period. This does not include the registration fee charged by the examination provider to cover their costs.
  • Initial Certification - Once you successfully pass the required examinations(s) for initial certification, DEP will send you an application. At that time, in addition to the fee below, you will have to pay any outstanding examination session fees. For example, if you attended one examination session you would pay $35, if you attended two examination sessions you would pay $70, plus the fee below for initial certification:
    • $150 for Class A, B, C, or D
    • $100 for Dc, or E – these are stand alone certifications

The amount you owe will appear at the top of the application form. See below: -

application fee 

  • Renewal -- The fee to renew an operator certificate for another three year cycle is $60.
  • Upgrade/Downgrade of an Operator Certificate in Class -- There is no charge for this service. You DO NOT need to test for an upgrade in class (A, B, C or D).
  • Upgrade from an E license (distribution or collections) to A, B, C or D is $50.
  • Addition of a Subclass to an Operator Certificate – To add a subclassification, you DO need to take the test and submit an application. The examination fees of $35 per session apply. This does not include the registration fee charged by the examination provider to cover their costs.
  • Reciprocity application – An application for initial certification through reciprocity costs $150 for Class A, B, C, D, or $100 for Dc or E. The applicant must have valid license from another state.
  • Replacement Fee of Certification and Pocketcard - $25

Addition to Fees

Operator Certification Regulations Finalized

The Water and Wastewater Systems Operators Certification Program Regulations, Chapter 302 were published as final in the Pennsylvania Bulletin on Sept. 18, 2010. There are a few things that will change as a result of the new regulations. These include:

  • Creation of a laboratory supervisor subclassification;
  • Requirement that a general work plan and/or a system specific management plan be developed for circuit rider systems;
  • Successful completion of Securing Drinking Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities security training course by every certified operator;
  • Accelerated Certification; and
  • New fees to cover the costs for program implementation.
Fee Entity Paying Fee Amount
Training Provider Approval Training Provider $90
Full Course Approval Training Provider $300
Brief Course Approval Training Provider $115
Conference Approval Training Provider $70
Course Rosters (fee per name) Training Provider $1
10 or more examination sessions/year Approved Examination Provider $800
5 to 10 examination sessions/year Approved Examination Provider $700
2 to 5 examination sessions/year Approved Examination Provider $600
1 examination session/year Approved Examination Provider $400
New License (3 yr) Operator $150
License Renewals (3 yr) Operator $60
Replacement of Certificate or Pocket Card Operator $25
Exam Session (per 4 hrs) Operator $35
Post-Presentation Credit Application Operator $250
Annual Service Fee ** Class A Systems (>5 mgd) $500
Class B Systems (1 to 5 mgd) $150
Class C Systems (100,000 gpd to1 mgd) $100
Class D Systems (<100,000 gpd) $65
Class E Systems $65
Dept. Classroom Courses Course attendees $10 per hour
Dept. Web-based Courses Course attendees $30 per hour
Dept. On-site Training Systems asking for the training $1600 per course