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Vendor and Service Provider Registration


The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has a registration program for vendor/service providers who sell, lease, install and/or service radiation-producing machines. The state regulations require that each vendor/service provider doing business within the commonwealth must be registered prior to providing such services. To register, each vendor/service provider must complete a registration application and return that application with the associated fee to DEP, Bureau of Radiation Protection (BRP). The registration is renewable for 12-month periods following submission of the applicable fee.

Additional information concerning radiation-producing machine installation and service will be required to be reported to the department either by the current U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 2579 Form or equivalent BRP forms.

The regulations for this program are in Title 25 Pa Code Chapter 216.

Active Radiation Producing Machine Vendor/Service Providers in Pennsylvania

Within 15 days of service, a provider shall submit to the DEP a "PA Vendor Service Providers Report."

PA Vendor Service Providers Report

PA Vendor Service Providers Report

A copy of the assembler's report on FDA Form 2579, prepared in compliance with federal diagnostic X-ray standard (21 CFR 1020.30(d)(1)), completed in full and submitted to the department within 15 days following the service, satisfies this reporting requirement.

U.S. FDA Form 2579