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Terminations and Disposal Options


Radiation-producing machine registrations expire on the date specified on the certificate of registration.

If a registrant decides to terminate all activities involving radiation-producing machines or if a registrant does not submit a renewal for a certificate of registration, the registrant shall do the following:

  • Terminate use of all radiation-producing machines subject to registration or cease all services subject to registration.
  • Transfer, sell or dispose of all radiation-producing machines subject to registration.
  • Remit any outstanding registration or renewal fees.
  • Request in writing the termination of the certificate of registration.

Terminating Registration of Radiation Producing Machines Form

Disposal Options

When a registrant is no longer in possession of radiation-producing machines in Pennsylvania or transfers possession, the registrant must provide written notification to the Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Radiation Protection (See 25 Pa. Code 216.6.). A number of options exist to dispose of radiation-producing machines.

Disposal Options for Radiation Producing Machines (PDF)