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Environmental Surveillance Section

The Environmental Surveillance Section monitors the radiological environment around each of Pennsylvania's five nuclear power facilities. Routine sampling of air, milk, surface water, vegetation and fish are performed, both independently and in conjunction with the facility's self-monitoring program. Environmental dosimeters record levels of radiation exposure around each facility. Sample analyses are reviewed, recorded and compared to the facility's and archived. When anomalies are observed, an investigation is performed, including consultation with facility personnel and follow-up sampling to determine the source.

The Environmental Surveillance Section also conducts some limited monitoring programs around facilities that currently use or have in the past used radioactive materials. These include some of the sites undergoing decontamination and decommissioning, enabling the Decommissioning Section to better evaluate whether cleanup criteria has been met.

The Environmental Surveillance Section maintains a background-monitoring program to measure ambient levels of radioactivity. This includes: monitoring environmental radiation via weekly air and precipitation samples; obtaining monthly samples of processed milk from population centers; and monitoring drinking water and surface-water sources. These data provide valuable information for evaluating the potential impact of facilities using radioactive materials.