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Decommissioning Section

The Decommissioning Section performs technical reviews of decontamination and decommissioning (D&D) activities for radioactive materials licensees and non-licensed radiologically contaminated sites in accordance with appropriate state and federal regulations. Typical reviews include site characterization plans and reports, health and safety plans for decommissioning activities, decommissioning plans, final status survey reports and the evaluation of decommissioning funding plans and financial assurance mechanisms required for decommissioning. The Decommissioning Section also performs on-site reviews and inspections of D&D activities for occupational, public and environmental radiation protection concerns. These activities include performing confirmatory surveys and sampling to ensure the cleanup levels established for the site have been met.

Licensees who require a decommissioning funding plan must provide financial assurance as described through their decommissioning cost estimate.

Any questions regarding financial assurance or nuclear power plants can be answered by contacting the Decommissioning Section at 717-787-2480 or email our resource account at