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List of regulated medical & chemotherapeutic waste general permits

A person or municipality shall not conduct activities in accordance with the terms and conditions of any of the regulated medical and chemotherapeutic general permits listed below unless an application for coverage has been approved, in writing, by the Department.
WMGI005 (PDF)Chemical/thermal inactivation of regulated medical waste generated in the production and research and development of pharmaceuticals.
WMGI007 (PDF)Chemical and thermal processing of regulated medical waste using sodium hypochlorite and low pressure steam.
WMGI014 (PDF)Processing of infectious waste using a mobile continuous feed system that disinfects infectious waste using Cold-SterTM, a proprietary dry chemical agent on a 7.5 percent weight/weight basis.
WMGI015 (PDF)Processing regulated medical waste using technology that involves mechanical processing in combination with ozone to achieve disinfection.