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Regulated Medical and Chemotherapeutic Tranportation

List of Regulated Medical and Chemotherapeutic Waste Transporters (Interactive Report)

Regulated Medical and Chemotherapeutic Waste Shipping Manifest see 2540-FM-BWM0240

To apply for a Pennsylvania Regulated Medical and Chemotherapeutic Waste Transporter License, submit a completed license application to:

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Bureau of Waste Management
Division of Hazardous Waste Management
P.O. Box 69170
Harrisburg, PA 17106-9170

A check for $500, made payable to the "Commonwealth of Pennsylvania", must accompany the license application. The application fee is non-refundable.

The following documents must be completed and submitted to the department along with the application fee. The forms and instructions are available in the eLibrary as individual Portable Document Format (PDF) files or Microsoft Word Documents.

  1. Regulated Medical and Chemotherapeutic Waste Transporter License Application
  2. Collateral Bond
    • The Collateral Bond form, Acknowledgement form, and collateral together comprise the bond. The Collateral Bond form must be executed by the President, Vice President or Assistant Vice President and a Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer of the company if it is a corporation (complete Acknowledgement form - Part A), by all partners if the company is a partnership (complete Acknowledgement form - Part A), or by the owner if the applicant is a sole proprietorship (complete Acknowledgment form - Part B). If the applicant is a corporation, please submit a copy of the company's incorporation papers showing the legal name of the corporation. Limited Liability Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships should include a copy of their Operating Agreement. Surety bonds cannot be accepted.
    • Please complete the Collateral Bond form as per the instructions at the end of the form.
    • Download:
  3. Collateral
  4. Certificate of Insurance
  5. Submit a certificate of insurance (standard Accord form, Form MCS-90 Endorsement) showing a minimum of $500,000 automobile liability coverage including, if applicable, excess liability for bodily injury and property damage combined, for transportation of Regulated Medical and chemotherapeutic waste, the cost of cleaning up a regulated medical and chemotherapeutic waste spill, and consequential damages.

    The certificate must be issued by an insurance company authorized to do business within Pennsylvania. The certificate must name the PA Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Waste Management, Division of Hazardous Waste Management, P.O. Box 69170 Harrisburg, PA 17106-9170 as the certificate holder and specify a 30 day written notice of any substantive changes in the policy, including termination or failure to renew.

  6. Contingency Plan
    • Please follow the "Sample Transporter Contingency Plan" in these guidelines and include all items in bold print verbatim. Include other information as appropriate for the company.
    • Download:
    • Procedures for Container/Vehicle Decontamination and Small Spill Cleanup (Under Revision) 254-2167-708
  7. Form HW-C, Compliance History
    • Completion of Form HW-C is required for the department to access the applicant's history of compliance with laws, rules and regulations relating to environmental protection within Pennsylvania as well as out of state. Respond to each item. If an item does not apply, enter "None" or "N/A". Please pay particular attention to the instructions for the Certification of this document (see Instructions, No. 9 and Page 5 of 5).
    • Download:

Review of complete applications should take 60 days or less.

Annual Report Form for Regulated Medical and Chemotherapeutic Waste Transporters 2520-FM-BWM0333

For further information, please contact the Bureau of Waste Management, Division of Hazardous Waste Management at 717-787-6239.