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Hazardous Waste Biennial Report for PA

The 2021 Hazardous Waste Biennial Report is due March 1, 2022. As of January 2021, PADEP is no longer using American Resource Management – Easitrak for the Hazardous Waste Biennial Report (HWBR). PADEP has transitioned to EPA’s RCRAInfo system for the electronic submission process. Late submissions of the 2019 hazardous waste biennial report should be submitted on paper to PADEP using the address below.

The HWBR covers the reporting of waste generation, management and disposal during odd calendar years. The completed HWBR for the current cycle must cover all hazardous waste activity for the calendar year ending December 31, 2021. In PA it is required of Large Quantity Generators (LQG) and TSDFs to complete and submit the HWBR. A site is an LQG if:

  • They generate 2,200 lbs of HW (1,000 kg) or more per calendar month
  • They generate 2.2 lbs of acute HW (1 kg) or more per calendar month
  • They generate 100 kg of acute HW spill cleanup or more per calendar month

When submitting the HWBR electronically, submitters will need to use the Biennial Report module within RCRAInfo. If they haven’t done so already, users who will be submitting the report will need to register as a user on the RCRAInfo website and request the appropriate site permissions for their facility in order to submit the report. As this is a new process, we highly encourage submitters to begin the RCRAInfo registration process as soon as possible to avoid having approval of their site permission requests delayed due to a potential backlog of site permission requests that may occur once we get closer to the deadline for the 2021 cycle.

Due to the transition to RCRAInfo, PADEP will no longer require a declaration of electronic submittal form to be submitted for electronic submissions.

If you need to obtain a 12 digit EPA ID # for a PA site, an 8700-12 form needs to be submitted directly to PADEP before being able to submit the HWBR.

Important links:

If you choose to submit via paper copy, HWBRs should be mailed to:

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Bureau of Waste Management
Division of Reporting and Fee Collection
P.O. Box 8550
Harrisburg, PA 17105-2301

2021 HWBR forms for paper reporting: